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We can deal with any pest or bug problem

As a leading provider of termite control and pest and rodent treatment in Ashburton, we have worked on every kind of bug problem. Whether you're looking to protect your family from spiders and other household pests, or to protect your home from the destruction termites can cause, out experts can help.

Ashburton Pest Control Ltd is committed to providing a safe, reliable, and cost-effective termite control and prevention service. With our cutting-edge technology and knowledge of the latest pest control methods, we ensure that we provide the best possible service. Having sound, efficient measures means that we save money, and that means we can pass those savings onto our customers. 

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Ashburton Pest Control Ltd provides a wide range of termite control and pest services:

  • On-site evaluation
  • Termite control and prevention
  • Pest and rodent control

Whether you're experiencing a 'bug emergency' and require immediate assistance, or simply want to protect your home (and wallet) from termite infestation, Ashburton Pest Control Ltd has the experience and knowledge you need.

On-site evaluation

If you're looking for termite treatment or pest control in Ashburton, your first step should be to contact us on our hotline. One of our pest control consultants will then visit your home or business for an initial evaluation. This evaluation is relatively quick, however our consultants are very thorough. We will give you a run down of the kind of pest problem you are experiencing, and how best to proceed from there.

Termite treatment

Our Ashburton-based termite treatment team use the latest technology and developments in pest control. We have the most advanced methods and chemicals for both the extermination and prevention of termites. Your home is for life; you need to feel that the walls and floors are stable and will last. Termite prevention will save you thousands down the track. Don't hesitate, do the right thing for your home today.

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